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Mini Cooper S Convertible 2020
AED 325 /Day
AED 6500 /Mon.
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Kia Picanto 2019
AED 39 /Day
AED 1170 /Mon.
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Nissan Sunny 2020
AED 39 /Day
AED 1170 /Mon.
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Renault Symbol
AED 39 /Day
AED 1170 /Mon.
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Changan Eado 2021
AED 39 /Day
AED 1170 /Mon.
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MG 360
AED 49 /Day
AED 1470 /Mon.
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The Oud Metha is located in the heart of Dubai. It is one of the vibrant communities of the city that offer the perfect blend of commercial residential as well as recreational spaces. The Oud Metha is a bustling neighborhood that offers a unique blend of tradition and modernity, making it one of the best places for residence as well as. Furthermore, the convenient location of Oud Metha offers the easiest access to major landmarks of Dubai including cultural business district as well as shopping malls.

When it comes to getting around Oud Metha or surrounding, renting a car from Great Rent a Car offers unmatched flexibility and convenience. At Great Rent a Car, we’re committed to provide a wide range of well maintained vehicles to fulfill the preferences of individuals according to their budget. We ensure that you can travel comfortably no matter if you need a compact car for city exploration or you need a large vehicle for family outing. We have all the options available.

  • Reasons to Choose Car Rental Services in Oud Metha

  • Some of the prominent reasons to choose car rental services in Oud Metha are:
  • Flexibility: the car rental options in Dubai range from daily to monthly plans. So, the individuals can choose the best one according to their needs.
  • Convenience: renting a car in Oud Metha Dubai is responsible to eliminate the hassle of reliance on public transportation. It offers you the great freedom to explore the region at your own pace.
  • Accessibility: located in the heart of Oud Metha, our services are easily accessible that makes pick up and Drop-off  services easy.
  • Wide selection: Great Rent a Car offers a diverse fleet of modern vehicles to ensure that all the individuals will find the perfect car according to their budget and preferences.
  • Cost effective: Dubai car rental services are more economical than using ride sharing services or taxis specially for the longer Journeys.

Rent a Car At Cheap Prices in Oud Metha

At Great Rent a Car, we believe in providing high quality services at cheap prices in Oud Metha. We understand the significance of budget friendly travel that is the reason we offer cars at affordable prices. No matter if you want an economical car or sedan, we’ve all that fits your budget without compromising one quality.

Best Locations to Visit in Oud Metha With Great Rent a Car Services

Some of the prominent locations that you can visit in Dubai with Great Rent a Car services are the following ones

Wafi Mall

Wafi Mall is built on a unique Egyptian theme in Dubai that offers an amazing shopping experience like no other in Dubai. The mall features an extensive range of stores ranging from high and fashion brands to unique boutiques. Beyond the Amazing shopping experience, the mall is also a hub of dining and entertainment options serving global cuisines for children and adults.

Dubai Creek Park

Dubai Creek Park is a short drive from Oud Metha and provides a perfect escape from the busy city life. It’s a family friendly Park with green spaces ideal for recreational activities, picnic as well as strolling. One of the main highlights of Dubai Creek Park is the Dubai Dolphinarium where the visitors enjoy Dolphin show. Furthermore there are also many boat rides in Dubai Creek making it one of the ideal destinations for nature lovers.

Lamcy Plaza 

Lamcy Plaza in Dubai is another beloved shopping destination in Oud Metha that offers a diverse range of fashion and accessories. The plaza also features a broad food court with dining options that fulfills the taste of different preferences of the individuals. There is also a children play area, making it an ideal place for a perfect day out with kids. 

Zabeel Park 

Zabeel Park in Dubai is home to the largest picture frame in the world. It is also one of the beautiful parks in Dubai that offers an ideal sitting for relaxation and outdoor activities. The Zabeel Park features a playground, green lawns as well as dedicated areas for players. The park also holds the Dubai Garden glow. It is a spectacular light and art installation that attracts visitors of all ages. Rent a car and visit Zabeel Park, one of the best places to spend a day with family and friends.

Enjoy Our Daily, Weekly and Monthly Rental Plans in Oud Metha

We understand that every traveler has unique needs and schedules that are the reason our rental plans are also flexible. Whether you want to rent a car for a single day or for a long week location or for extended stay we’ve something for everyone.

Daily rentals

Daily rental plans offered by Great Rent a Car are ideal for short trips whether it’s a quick business meeting or a city tour. Our daily car rental services for a single day provides flexibility and convenience you are looking for.

Weekly rentals

If you’re planning for a business trip or vacation that extends over several days then there is nothing better than weekly car rental plans. Enjoy the convenience and comfort of having your own vehicle throughout your stay.

Monthly rentals

If you are staying in the city for an extended period, our monthly rental plans are the ideal solution. You’ll enjoy the freedom of having your own vehicle without the commitment of ownership. Our dedicated customer support is available for the duration of your rental period to provide maximum comfort.

Why choose Great Rent a Car services in Oud Metha?

Some of the prominent reasons to choose Great Rent a Car services in Oud Metha are:

  • Great Rent a Car offers well maintained and regularly serviced vehicles to maintain the standard and ensure the safety and reliability of the customers.
  • Our knowledgeable professionals are dedicated to providing exceptional customer services to ensure reliable rental experience from start to finish.
  • Great Rent a Car offers compact cars to luxury SUVs. Our wide selection of vehicles is enough to meet the specific needs.