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Car Types
Jeep Cherokee 2021
AED 190 /Day
AED 2999 /Mon.
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Jeep Grand Cherokee 2022
AED 399 /Day
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Jeep Grand Cherokee 2023
AED 450 /Day
AED 5075 /Mon.
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Jeep Wrangler 2022 Dubai Rental
AED  500 /Day
AED 5475 /Mon.
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Jeep Wrangler Sport 2021
AED 450 /Day
AED 7900 /Mon.
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Jeep Wrangler Sport Plus 2023
AED 750 /Day
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Rent a Jeep

Are you planning for off-road adventures or finding some adventurous car rental in Dubai? Jeep car rental is proposed to you by Great Rent a Car. We offer you this amazing luxury jeep car rental for the unmatched experience. What can be more adventurous than cruising along the roads or desert of Dubai with an open air jeep rental car? Jeep is actually a popular innovative and reliable vehicle. Great Rent a Car promises you to present the variety of jeep car rentals at your disposal so you can select according to your need.

Why Choose Jeep Car Rental?

Great Rent a Car surely believes that jeep car rentals are the top contender in the car rental industry. It is not just because of its style but in fact it offers a lot of high-tech specifications. Let’s get ready to drive this impressive jeep car fleet in Dubai and experience the robust drive. It offers the built-in safety features and the premium design.

Jeep car rental ensures that the passengers and driver both had a pleasure and adventurous ride. So, get ready to enjoy the marvelous trip in Dubai whenever you want. Book your jeep car rental from Great Rent a Car as we don’t make compromises on our customer’s needs.

Features of jeep Car

Check out some of the amazing features of jeep car rentals:

  • Enjoy the efficient and powerful engines of jeep car for a smooth ride
  • Jeep cars offers spacious and luxurious interiors
  • It offers the passengers safety by advanced safety systems such as ABS and airbags
  • Enjoy the travel journey with state-of-the-art entertainment and connectivity options
  • Experience the premium materials and craftsmanship for a smooth driving experience

Why Choose Great Rent a Car For a Jeep Rental?

There are many reasons that will make you realize that Great Rent a Car is your perfect travel partner. Some of them are listed below:

Exceptional fleet

Great rent a car distinguishes itself through its exceptional fleet. We provide all the latest and old models from the most prestigious luxury car brands. Moreover, we ensure an unmatched driving experience to you in Dubai.


Our car hire provides outstanding convenience from online reservation to doorstep delivery. We strive to offer you maximum comfort and hassle-free experience throughout your stay.

Maintenance and support

Our cars for rent are maintained on a regular basis to ensure optimum performance. In addition, our supporting team is dedicated and always available to attend to any concern.

Impeccable service

We are committed to offering impeccable service especially with the professional team who ensures smooth transactions and offers customized assistants to make your rental journey enjoyable.

Competitive pricing

Great rent a car provides competitive rates and transparent pricing that ensures the consumer value for every Dirham spent.

Explore Dubai with Jeep Rentals

Enjoy the unforgettable trip through the bustling streets of Dubai filled with cultural attractions, all while renting one of our jeeps. From iconic landmarks to busy streets, we’ve got everything you need to get this city-style ride. Just trust us and make your Dubai trip memorable with our rent a car.