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Bentley Bentayga 2019
AED 1500 /Day
AED 32000 /Mon.
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Bentley Bentayga 2021
AED 2250 /Day
AED 39600 /Mon.
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Bentley Continental GT Convertible 2020
AED 2600 /Day
AED 53999 /Mon.
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Bentley Continental GT Convertible 2021
AED 2700 /Day
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Bentley Continental GT Convertible 2022
AED 2700 /Day
AED 45000 /Mon.
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Bentley Continental GT Convertible 2024
AED 2999 /Day
AED 70000 /Mon.
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Rent a Bentley in Dubai

Are you dreaming of enjoying the ride of a fancy super car like Bentley? Then listen, you’re not alone like this desire. Great Rent a Car presents you with a Bentley car rental option. Now, make your wish come true with this luxury car rental. The British top-notch beast is perfect in quality and performance as well. Thus, making itself perfect for the rich and power loving people.

Bentley was previously known as a motor racing car. But recently it shifted its focus gears into luxury cars with robust engines. Enjoy the easy drive with Bentley rental Dubai. Owning a Bentley will get heavy on your budget so we have cheap Bentley car rental options. Move in a style and book your car with Great Rent a Car.

Why Rent a Bentley in Dubai?

Bentley cars are not attractive by the looks but also with the features and technology. Following are the reasons for Bentley car hire in Dubai:

Stylish design

Bentley offers an amazing design. The sleek and beautiful design will surely turn the heads of everyone from where you move.

Luxurious interior

When you step inside the Bentley cars, they are super fancy. They serve as a treat for your eyes. The Bentley car rental had hand-stitched leather and high-tech advanced gadgets.


This car rental has a huge comfortable space for families. It can easily adjust 5 people and make it a perfect ride for family trips.

Powerful performance

Bentley cars had robust engines. It offers impressive speed and performance on the road. Moreover, you can choose a V8 or W12 engine. No one will disappoint you so hire a Bentley in Dubai now!


Bentley cars are the most reliable one as they have high-quality materials and advanced technology installed. Thus, making it perfect for a smooth and safe ride.

So, if you want to experience the luxury of driving a Bentley without breaking the bank, renting one in Dubai is the way to go!

Bentley Car Rental Models by Great Rent a Car

Following cars are available by Great Rent a Car:

Bentley Bentayga

It is a luxury SUV and famous for the luxury interior and advanced features. It offers a huge and comfortable cabin with premium material. It suits best for city commuting, leisure drives and off-road adventures.

Bentley Continental GT

Bentley Continental GT is a Grand Tourer Coupe famous for its iconic design. The car rental offers the luxury features and options. Moreover, passengers can enjoy the comfortable seating and power drive with the robust engine. It is best for winding roads and highways.

Bentley Flying Spur

It is a luxury Sedan that actually combines the elegance and sophistication of Bentley. Then you get the unmatched luxury feel. The amazing exterior design and the premium interior exudes the best feel to the rider and the passengers. The comfortable seating is one more add-on feature to its positiveness. With the modern technology and features, it suits best for the business professionals and executives.

Bentley Car Rental Deals and Offers

When you get Bentley car hire from Great Rent a Car, you can enjoy the discounts and promotions. We give you different options for rental periods and separate discounts for each.

Why Choose Great Rent a Car?

Great Rent a Car is a trusted car rental provider. Trust us, and book your car for the next journey from us. Following are some of the features that make Great Rent a Car perfect for all:


Great rent a car offers excellent convenience from online reservation to doorstep delivery. We offer maximum comfort to make your overall rental experience hassle-free. Moreover, feel free to rent a Bentley for a day, week or month from us at cheap rates.

Maintenance and support

All our vehicles undergo regular maintenance in order to guarantee optimum performance. Moreover, our dedicated supporting team is always available to address any concern.

Impeccable service

With a commitment to excellence, the professional team makes sure to provide seamless transactions and customized assistants throughout the rental journey.

Exceptional fleet

Great rent a car featuring the latest models from the most prestigious luxury car brands to provide an unmatched driving experience in Dubai.

Competitive pricing

Great rent a car offers competitive rates and transparent pricing without hidden charges that ensure value for every Dirham spent. Get your cheap car rental Dubai from Great Rent a Car.

Book Your Bentley Car Rental Now

Get ready to enjoy the drive of Bentley cars in Dubai with Great Dubai. Make a call today! Hire a Bentley today as it is not just a luxury car but it’s a style waiting for you.