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Jetour Dashing 2024
AED 350 /Day
AED 4900 /Mon.
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Jetour T2 2024
AED 699 /Day
AED 10999 /Mon.
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Jetour X70 Plus 2023 -01
AED 350 /Day
AED 3900 /Mon.
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Jetour X70 Plus 2024
AED 280 /Day
AED 4600 /Mon.
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Luxury Jetour X70 Plus 2022
AED 300 /Day
AED 4500 /Mon.
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Jetour X70S 2023
AED 175 /Day
AED 2899 /Mon.
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Jetour Rentals

If you are ready to experience the drive in Dubai or on the hunt for a reliable car rental company, “Great Rent a Car” is the best place for you. We offer you the luxurious guise where comfort meets the necessity. We present you a remarkable car rental Jetour in Dubai at your service. The Jetour brand offers excellent design, modern technology, and maximum comfort for the driver as well as the passengers. As a certified distributor of “Jetour” vehicles, we are pleased to allow you to consider and evaluate all the available options.

Why Choose Jetour Car Rental in Dubai?

With the thousands of car models and brands to choose from, Jetour rental Dubai should be your first choice when it comes to the high-tech specifications. Visit our website to book it and enjoy fantastic driving times with Jetour Dubai. It is carefully engineered just for you, ensuring extraordinarily high safety. Moreover, we present you the most attractive car rental designs to offer you an amazing trip. Rent a Jetour luxury car and prioritize your satisfaction and pleasure with us. We ensure you get everything you require for a memorable trip to Dubai. With our company, there is no need to worry as your needs are our concern.

Features of Jetour Car Rental

Jetour car rental offers the convenient transportation option. Check out the following other features as well:

  • Jetour car rental is famous for its impressively stylish design. It actually attracts all the viewers to you.
  • This proves best for the prestige and fun.
  • Jetour car rental offers you unmatched reliability.
  • Enjoy the powerful performance of Jetour on the roads of Dubai.
  • Jetour actually takes the lead as it offers extraordinary convenience.

Jetour Models Available in Dubai

Jetour X70S

If you are desiring to take your driving experience to the next level. Book the SUV car rental that is Jetour X70S. It actually combines sophistication and elegance. Enjoy the luxury look and unmatched amenities for a memorable trip.

Jetour X90

Get ready to admire the best performance and style of Jetour X90 in Dubai. This car rental offers a spacious interior and versatile looks. Enjoy the advanced features while on the journey. Navigate the roads of Dubai with a smooth driving ability.

Jetour X55

One more beauty beast that is a perfect fusion of personality and performance is Jetour X55. It is a compact car rental that actually redefines sophistication and attention. It will surely command the roads with its performance and high-power drive. Enjoy the adventurous ride in Dubai with this intelligent featured car.  

Why Choose Great Rent a Car for a Jetour Car?

Following are the compelling reasons to trust Great Rent a Car in Dubai:


Great Rent a Car never stays back when it is needed for convenience. That’s why, every time it is motivated to satisfy the customers. We have an easy booking process and even door-step delivery service available so you won’t get stressed.

Variety of Car Rentals

Great Rent a Car offers you a wide range of car rentals from SUVs to Hybrid and electric cars. We ensure that you have the option of cars of all brands in Dubai whether it is Nissan to Audi or Lamborghini to Chevrolet rental.

24/7 Available Customer Service

We ensure that you have the customer support at your phone call. The team i’ll be there to guide you about the renting purpose to the delivery phase. You can ask them all your queries for assistance.

Cheap Rates and Flexible Duration

Great Rent a Car ensures that you have all your dream cars at cheap car rental rates so you don’t need to compromise your extra Dirhams. Moreover, we offer discounts and promos as well. Book your car rental Jetour for daily, weekly or monthly basis according to your needs

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