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BMW M4 Competition Convertible 2022
AED 1400 /Day
AED 36000 /Mon.
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BMW M4 Competition Convertible 2023
AED ---- /Day
AED 8400 /Mon.
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BMW M4 Competition Convertible 2024
AED 1350 /Day
AED 38000 /Mon.
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BMW X5 2020
AED 650 /Day
AED 11500 /Mon.
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BMW X5 2021
AED 750 /Day
AED 15980 /Mon.
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BMW X5 2022
AED 900 /Day
AED 22500 /Mon.
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Rent BMW Cars in Dubai

Dubai is a city of luxury and gold. Everyone you encounter there living a comfortable life has a luxury car rental. Some of them had their own but many had rental cars. As the demand of staying up-to-date and staying in comfort is increasing so we came up with a style icon for you. Great Dubai proudly announces the BMW car rental in Dubai. It is ideal for comfortable trips with family and friends. Get your convenient car rental BMW from us now. We offer a variety of BMW models according to one’s choice and need.

Why Choose BMW Cars in Dubai?

BMW cars are actually the fashion statement for all. It shows the prestige and style when you drive along the roads. Following are some more attractive features of BMW rental Dubai:

Symbol of Luxury

There is no second opinion regarding the luxury style of BMW. It is the most booked car rental in Dubai by luxury lovers. Both middle- and upper-class persons can enjoy rental cars. One thing that remains unmatched is the sophistication. The top-notch material of the car makes BMW a premium car brand.

Symbol of Versatility

It has no match to other brands in the market. BMW has its own standards. It represents the new level of technology in cars and explains the need for advancement. You can get fully conventional models to the new electric ones. Get your car rental according to the demand.

Dynamic Capabilities

BMW is famous as a preeminent road car brand in the world. It actually dominates the road with unmatched performance. The unique front engine adds the beauty of the car and all-wheel drive make it suitable for all types of adventures. Moreover, it ensures the 50/50 weight distribution that results in exceptional handling and stability.


BMW is unrivaled in the field of reliability as well. These cars cover the warranty coverage and exceptional customer support. BMW is not just a car but in reality, it is an asset that ensures the test of time with proper maintenance.


If you get the BMW an expensive one as compared to the other car brands, then it is due to the features. It offers the best quality features and amenities. Its specs and features are second to none. Get ready to set new standards with BMW car rental Dubai.

Best BMW Cars Model in Dubai

In Dubai, you can enjoy a variety of BMW models available for rent. Contact Great Rent a Car for the following best models in Dubai:

BMW 5 Series

BMW Series 5 is famous for the perfect combination of advanced technology, luxury and power. It offers a comfortable and unmatched driving experience. Series 5 suits best for the business travelers and adventure lovers as well.

BMW 7 Series

It is a luxury sedan car rental. BMW 7 series presents the luxury style and sophistication under one roof. You get the spacious interior, ultra-modern technology with robust engine performance. Enjoy the true essence of driving the power of roads of Dubai.


One more car from the luxury category of sedan is BMW X7. It is an excellent option. The car rental combines the versatility with upscale features. Moreover, you get enough space for the passengers and luggage. Your city tour and intercity tours proved comfortable.  Enjoy the smooth ride on the busy streets of Dubai as this is exceptionally good for family trips and adventures.

BMW i8

If you are looking for something more unique and futuristic, then rent a BMW I8. It is a hybrid sports car. The car will move the heads of everyone from where you move. Experience the blistering performance of this super car. Moreover, this car is environmentally friendly and makes it a thrilling choice for city exploration.


BMW M4 suits perfect for enthusiasts and high-speed lovers. Rent BMW Dubai as it offers thrilling power. The amazing engine and the perfect handling make it an ideal choice for all. Are you ready to experience the real essence of ultimate drive on Dubai roads? Get your car now!

Why Choose Great Rent a Car?

Great Rent a Car is a trusted car rental company. It has always been working to satisfy their customers. Our services are very reliable and smooth.

Prove the Words

We are a reliable car rental company. Our vehicles are well-maintained. We don’t sacrifice on the services and quality of the car. The cars undergo deep inspection to ensure the top-quality service. You can easily trust Great Rent a Car as we provide you peace of mind during your travel.

Cheap for Pocket

We understand the value for money in this era. That’s why we offer cheap rates and flexible rental options. Whether you rent a car for a day, week or go for monthly car rental, we offer rental plans according to your budget. Our exclusive transparent pricing ensures that you don’t have to pay any hidden charges.

Easy to Handle

Renting a car in Dubai is just like a breeze. Our booking process is user-friendly. Moreover, you can get your car rental quickly through an online platform. It adds convenience. You can enjoy the complementary delivery service in Dubai and Dubai for monthly bookings. We prioritize your convenience in all ways.

Best Service

Quality is the main motive of whatever Great Rent a Car is doing. We offer well-maintained cars and other exceptional services for our valued customers. Our dedicated team also works hard to meet the highest level of quality and services. We are here at your service from the time you book your car rental until you deliver.

Contact and Book BMW Now!

Get your favorite model of BMW car rental from Great Rent a Car before it’s too late.