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renault duster 2023
AED 140 /Day
AED  2100 /Mon.
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Renault Koleos 2023
AED 145 /Day
AED 2600 /Mon.
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Renault Koleos 2024
AED 154 /Day
AED 2675 /Mon.
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Renault Captur 2019
AED 130 /Day
AED 1600 /Mon.
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Dubai is a city famous for its opulence and futuristic skyscrapers. The city offers an ideal background for driving one of the most iconic supercars, the Renault. The vehicle is famous for its unparalleled performance, luxurious interior and sheer power, making it a dream car for many individuals. No matter if you are visiting Dubai for business or with family, renting a Renault in Dubai will make your drive unforgettable.

Great Rent a Car offers an extensive fleet of Renault vehicles. Our commitment to excellence and exceptional services with a deep understanding of clients ensure that every individual will get exhilarating rental experience in Dubai and beyond. Renault rentals from Great Rent a car not only indicates a world class vehicle but it also allows you to enjoy excellent customer service.

Top Renault Models to Rent

Renault Clio

Renault Clio is a stylish and compact hatchback, perfect for city driving. The vehicle is ideal for its modern design, fuel efficiency as well as agile handling. If you want to navigate the streets of Dubai then Renault Clio is an ideal choice as the vehicle comes with advanced safety features and a comfortable interior.

Renault Megane 

It is an elegant Sedan that comes with the best combination of comfort and performance. The spacious interior and state of art technology of Renault Megane offers a premium driving experience for both business travelers and families.

Renault Duster 

Renault Duster is a popular choice for all who want a reliable SUV for off-road adventure. The vehicle offers a comfortable interior. Wide range of modern features and ample cargo face of this vehicle make it economical and practical for journeys in Dubai.

Features of Renault Cars

  • Renault cars are famous for their comfortable interior and premium material such as wood trim and Leather.
  • Smooth handling and powerful engine option ensures an enjoyable and responsive driving experience.
  • Renault vehicles come with cutting edge technology including connectivity features, advanced driver assistance systems and intuitive infotainment.
  • Distinctive and element designs makes the Renault stand out choice on the roads of Dubai.
  • All the vehicles come with comprehensive safety features such as automatic energy braking, lane keeping assist and adaptive cross control.

Essential Tips for Renault Car Rental Dubai

There are some factors you might need to consider if you are eager to rent a Renault in Dubai.

  • First, you will be required to book your reservation in advance, especially if you will be in Dubai at one of their busiest times.
  • Second, you must have a valid driver’s license to qualify for renting a Renault.
  • When you are at the rental office, you are required to present your passport and UAE ID.
  • Finally, if you want to rent a Renault for “very special occasions” such as weddings or wedding anniversaries, it is good to inform mala early enough.

Why Choose Great Rent a Car for Renault Rentals?

If you want to rent a Renault car in Dubai, there’s no better way than Great Rent a Car. Our company specializes in offering a diverse reaction of Renault models according to your preference as well as budget. One of the significant reasons to choose us is, we offer flexible rental options no matter if you need to rent a car for a day, weekly rental or month rental. Our rental plans are smooth enough to fit your schedule and budget.

At Great Rent a Car our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction ensures an enjoyable rental experience from start to finish. You will get well maintained and regularly service vehicles to ensure the optimum performance with competitive rates without compromising on quality.