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Haval Jolion 2023
AED 170 /Day
AED 2700 /Mon.
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Haval Jolion Turbo 2024
AED 200 /Day
AED 2999 /Mon.
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Haval Car Rentals

Welcome to the innovation of the world of motors, welcome to Haval, a brand known for its endless pursuit of power, luxury, and quality. It is a symbol of sophistication. If you, too, want to experience the raw performance of a Haval sitting inside the super lush interior contact Great Rent a car. We offer some of the best car rental services and take pride in the finest fleet of Haval rentals. Book your dream Haval model from our lineup and drive through the United Arab Emirates hassle-free.

Why Choose Haval Car Rental?

Providing you with Great Rent a Car now allows you to go on the most fantastic ride ever-Haval car hire! In addition to emphasizing that the essential part of a journey with friends is being able to enjoy, we are offering you comfortable seating. Some additional ordinary features include:

Powerful Engine

Comfortable Seats

 Ample Space

Smooth Handling

Top Haval Models

Some of the popular Haval car rental models available at Great Rent a Car is:

Haval H2

The Haval is a subcompact, but powerful in nature. H2 is a versatile and efficient SUVs renowned for its efficiency and dynamic driving quality. H2 is known for its variety of advanced safety features, defining a wonderful choice for the reliable and stylish drive in Dubai.

Haval H6

The Haval depicted the combination of plushness and style. H6 may be admired for its extraordinarily spacious cabin, chic exterior, and advanced mechanics. H6 is ideal for both long-distance travel and everyday commuting.

Haval F7

The Haval F7 is the promised SUV with quality and a sporty vibe. The F7 model undergoes a driving experience like no other car and becomes part of the advanced safety system. However, on every expedition, make it more appropriate for the crossover SUV in the UAE, and with its forwarding engine, a lovely interior is the ultimate option.

Haval H9

If you’re an adventurer or seeking the best SUV for off-road, then nothing beats Haval H9. H9 boasts powerful off-road manners and lush interior. Its cluster is suitable for enough numbers. Hire the rough-and-tough SUV to enjoy an expedition with comfort like no other.

Book Your Haval Car Now!

We put your happiness first in Great Rent a Car. That is why we try to give you excellent cars. Your preferred Haval Rental Dubai model has been reserved a few moments before. Permit us to assist you in handling the rest. With the best rental car, you can do anything. Do not hesitate to contact us to let us know what you require. With us, you could have your Haval booked in only a few moments.