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Tesla Cybertruck 2024
AED  5000 /Day
AED 90000 /Mon.
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Tesla Model X 2020
AED 900 /Day
AED 14999 /Mon.
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Tesla Model 3 Long Range 2021
AED 449 /Day
AED 7655 /Mon.
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Tesla Model 3 Long Range
AED 499 /Day
AED 5500 /Mon.
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Tesla Model 3 Performance 2022
AED 499 /Day
AED  8999 /Mon.
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Tesla Model 3 Performance 2023
AED 499 /Day
AED 8999 /Mon.
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Tesla is one of the famous American electric vehicle manufacturers that offers cutting edge technology and sustainability. The company has revolutionized the automotive industries with innovative battery technology as well as electric cars. All the Tesla cars are famous for their sleek design and zero emission with futuristic driving experience. If you want to rent this amazing vehicle in Dubai then a Great Rent a Car is the ideal choice. We offer an extensive fleet of vehicles to ensure that your experience in the city will be amazing with electric driving. Along with this , the flexible rental terms, cost effectiveness and excellent customer service ensures that your journey will be innovative and luxurious in Dubai.

Top Tesla models to rent from Great Rent a Car

Some of the popular Tesla models to rent from us are:

Tesla Model X: Tesla model X is an SUV with luxury and unparalleled performance in Dubai. The vehicle comes with spacious interior, advanced safety features and falcon wing doors to make it unique and stylish. Wide range and powerful performance of this vehicle make it best for any kind of adventure.

Tesla Model S: The vehicle is famous for its impressive range and acceleration. This high-performance luxury Sedan comes with autopilot capabilities, cutting edge technology and opulent interior. The model s also offers a superior driving experience in Dubai due to its long range battery without frequent charging stops.

Tesla model Y: This versatile compact SUV offers the perfect blend of electric vehicle and efficiency in Dubai. The superior safety features, advanced technology and cargo space make this model ideal for all the families who want extra space without compromising on quality.

Tesla Model 3: If you want a compact and affordable vehicle then there is no better option than Tesla model 3. The vehicle is ideal for both city exploration and long trips due to its Innovation and competitive price.

Features of Tesla cars

Some of the significant features of Tesla cars are:

  • The autopilot system of Tesla cars include advanced driver assistance features, automatic parking, and adaptive cruise control. The vehicle offers a full self-driving package.
  • The vehicle receives over the air software updates. It is responsible for improving the functionality and adding new features in the car.
  • The advanced battery technology has an impressive range to ensure that you can easily travel long distances without frequently charging.
  • Tesla cars have high quality interiors with a central touch screen to control the functions. The system includes access to various application streaming services as well as GPS navigation.

Why choose Great Rent a Car?

Some of the significant reason why should you choose us are: 

  • Great Rent a Car offers competitive pricing without any hidden cost to ensure that you will get the best value for the money.
  • Great Rent a Car offers a wide range of Tesla models to ensure that individuals can find the perfect one according to their needs. 
  • We have multiple rental locations across the city so the pickup and drop of the facility will be more convenient.
  • At Great Rent a Car, all our vehicles come with basic insurance coverage to provide extra peace of mind and it also enhances your overall protection of the vehicle. 
  • No matter if you need a vehicle for one day or for one week we have flexible car rental solutions according to the diverse needs and preferences.