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Mini Cooper S Convertible 2020
AED 325 /Day
AED 6500 /Mon.
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Kia Picanto 2019
AED 39 /Day
AED 1170 /Mon.
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Nissan Sunny 2020
AED 39 /Day
AED 1170 /Mon.
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Renault Symbol
AED 39 /Day
AED 1170 /Mon.
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Changan Eado 2021
AED 39 /Day
AED 1170 /Mon.
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MG 360
AED 49 /Day
AED 1470 /Mon.
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Dubai is a bustling city with a unique blend of modernity and tradition. Navigating the city might be challenging but with Great Rent a Car you can easily enjoy the city exploration without the hassle of driving. We’re your premium car rental service providers and offer a wide range of vehicles with professional drivers. No matter if you are a tourist or a resident, our comfortable rental journey across Dubai ensures that your travel will be enjoyable. All our professional drivers are well-versed with routes to ensure timely and safe travel to the destination.

Perks of Renting a Car With Driver

Some of the significant perks to rent a car with driver in Dubai are the following ones


Safety is the main concern for Great Rent a Car. All our drivers are not only experienced but have training to adhere to the safety standards. They have defensive driving techniques and knowledge regarding the routes and traffic regulations. Therefore, the experience ensures that passengers are in safe hands throughout the journey.


Convenience is one of the significant reasons for renting a car in Dubai. In the busy cities of UAE, navigating and finding parking on and unfamiliar streets can be challenging and time consuming. However, car rental service with drivers eliminates all these concerns. Our drivers have the capability to handle all the aspects of the journey and allow you to sit back and relax. No matter if you are in the city for a business meeting or you want to attend any social event, we ensure a smooth travel experience in the UAE.

Time saving

Time is important especially when you are on a tight schedule. Renting a car with driver’s service allows the individuals to maximize their time efficiently. Instead of focusing on parking, navigation as well as driving, you can easily dedicate your attention to other activities. Our driver’s will take care of all the logistics and ensure you will arrive or depart on time. This time saving benefit is valuable for all the individuals who want to make the most of their day without delays.

Local knowledge

Renting a car with a driver from Great Rent a Car allows you to benefit from local knowledge and experience. All our drivers have our familiarity with routes and popular destinations. Therefore, we offer valuable insights that will enhance the overall journey. No matter if you want a best restaurant, shopping spot or any other attraction, the local knowledge of drivers ensures that you will avoid common pitfalls.

Rent a Car With Driver at cheap rates from Great Rent a Car

At Great Rent a Car, we understand that convenience and luxury should be accessible to everyone. We know that budget is a crucial factor while choosing a car rental service in Dubai. That’s why we offer reasonable prices with driver service. Our pricing structure is significantly designed to offer you the best value for money without compromising on quality. Furthermore, our commitment for affordability doesn’t mean that you’ll miss out the premium features. We offer a well maintained fleet of vehicles with all modern amenities to ensure an enjoyable and comfortable ride. You have the option to choose from sleek sedans to spacious SUVs with drivers at reasonable prices.

At Great Rent a Car, our transparent pricing without hidden charges means you’ll get exactly what you are paying for. The affordable pricing of car rental with drivers makes it easy for you to find a plan that is best according to your budget. Our driver’s are not only experienced and professional but also knowledgeable regarding everything of attractions. It means that you’ll get the most of your travel experience while exploring the landscape of the UAE.

Great Rent a Car offers daily, weekly and monthly car rental plans

At Great Rent a Car, we offer convenient and flexible rental plans to suit your travel requirement. Our customized plans offer value for money and convenience to ensure a hassle- free experience in Dubai.

Daily rental plans

Daily rental plans at Great Rent a Car are best for individuals who want to rent a vehicle for short term needs. Some of the significant benefits are:

  • Flexible pickup and drop 
  • Wide selection of vehicles
  • Perfect for short events and visits
  • Competitive pricing without long term obligation

Weekly rental plans

If you’re planning to stay in Dubai for a week or more, then our weekly rental plan could be the best choice. We ensure you’ll have a reliable vehicle for the entire duration. Key benefits of ventral plans include:

  • Wide range of vehicle options
  • Convenient and easy booking process
  • More economical for longer stays
  • Freedom to explore the city without limitations

Monthly rental plans

Our monthly rental plan provides substantial cost savings and convenience while staying in Dubai. Enjoy the benefits of car rental services without commitment to ownership. Key benefits include:

  • Flexibility access to extended rental period
  • Assess to wide fleet of well maintained cars
  • Cost saving over daily and weekly rentals
  • Maintenance and comprehensive insurance included

Great Rent a Car also offers convenient and efficient airport pickup and drop -off facilities. We are here to eliminate the hassle of airport transportation and help you start or end your journey easily. Our drivers ensure punctual arrival and departures making your experience more smooth and hassle-free.

Rent a Car with Driver Beyond Dubai

At Great Rent a Car, we extend our customer service beyond the bustling streets of Dubai. No matter if you’re in Sharjah, Abu Dhabi or Ajman you’ll expect the same high standards of professionalism that define our service.

Navigating the urban environment and diverse landscape of UAE can be challenging but with the help of our experienced drivers, you can easily enjoy your journey with confidence. We’re here to ensure flexible and stress free transportation whenever you need in Dubai or beyond. No matter if you’re visiting Abu Dhabi or Sharjah for any business meeting or for cultural exploration our car rental service with drivers allows you to focus on your mission. We’ll take care of the driving. Our commitment to customer satisfaction extends beyond Dubai, so you can rely on us for superior service that exceeds your transportation needs. Contact Great Rent a Car today and experience the customized services across Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Al AinRas Al KhaimahFujairahUmm Al Quwainand Sharjah.

Why choose Great Rent a Car services with a driver?

Some of the significant reasons to choose Great Rent a Car services with driver are:

Extensive fleet

Great Rent a Car offers a diverse selection of vehicles to ensure that every customer can find the perfect car according to their needs. Our compact cars are best to navigate the city and spacious SUVs are perfect for family vacations. The extensive fleet means you can easily find the ideal vehicle at Great Rent a Car.

Flexible plans

Understanding the unique needs of the customers, Great Rent a Car offers flexible rental plans. Our customisable options include daily, weekly or monthly car rental services to ensure that you will not only pay for the time but you will also get an economical choice for a quick business trip or foreign extended vacation in Dubai.

Excellent customer service

At Great Rent a Car, our customer service is the cornerstone of our business philosophy. Therefore, our knowledgeable team of professionals are available 24/7 to assist you with all issues and queries that may arise. Our round the clock availability shows you will never leave the question unanswered no matter what time it is. Get an extra peace of mind throughout your rental experience.

Competitive rates

Affordability without compromising on quality is the hallmark of our company. We understand that renting a vehicle must enhance your travel experience without any burden. That’s the reason we offer the most competitive rates in the car rental market to ensure accident value for money. Our pricing structure is transparent without any hidden fees. Furthermore, the extra discounts and promotions also enhances the affordability to make it possible for more people to enjoy the convenience.

Easy booking process

Booking a car with Great Rent a Car is a breeze. Our efficient booking process through an online platform allows you to experience from selection to confirmation. Alternatively, you can also make bookings via Email, phone number or WhatsApp.