Why Us?

We are UAE’s top-rated car hire service with a proven track record of serving both tourists and local travelers for more than a decade. Our team includes trained vehicle experts and customer care representatives who walk you through the vehicle rental process, so you can enjoy your favorite luxury car without worrying about the application process.

About Great Rent a Car

If you are visiting Dubai and want to rent a car here, Great Rent a Car will be your obvious choice if you have proper information about renting a car company in Dubai. We are one of the leading car rental companies in the United Arab Emirates and the main office is in Dubai. Our growth in the car rental business inspires all those who have knowledge and experience in this business. The fleet of Great Rent a Car has the world’s most luxurious and comfortable vehicles ranging from low budget cars to the most expensive and stylish saloons, SUVs, and buses to entertain you with style and comfort. At Great Rent a Car, you will find excellent car rental services and we claim that no one is better than us in Dubai. We have designed some of the best packages and if you think that you have found prices better than our packages, we will design much better options for you. If the best car rental services are not your requirement, it is your decision to explore the market without any benefit. When you choose Great Rent a Car car rentals, you have access to that rent a car company in Dubai which is going to be the best car rental service provider in UAE. Our focus is on fleet quality and management, reliability, customer satisfaction, pricing, and the overall experience of customers. We are doing this business just to achieve higher standards of satisfaction and comfort. We have special packages for corporate customers and. We give you options to hire our services at any time and we will provide you complete control when you will ask for it. You just have to sign a contract with us and we will arrange cars and limos as per your choice and demand. We have specialized staff and professionals who want to do something good for the travel and tourism industry. We have designed the country’s fines packages for great cars. We have no car which is on the roads for a decade or more. We not only best rent a car company in Dubai but also have created a difference in services. We are creating an impact and hope that our efforts will give us a chance to challenge the world’s greatest car rental companies in the near future.

Why Choose Great Car Rentals

Rent a Car Dubai has been launched with the vision to make traveling easy and fun for ex-pats in Dubai. The concept has been notably developed to deliver excellent services at a fair price charge. We, Great Rent a Car Dubai, take pride in committing to the shared values of delivering a comprehensive service, including basic car rental, luxury car rental, and chauffeur based services. This lets us cater to the diversified needs of the masses including families and individuals, who pack their bags to explore the glory of Dubai. Satisfying our customers is of utmost priority and that’s who we have gained so much popularity over time. According to the user experience, We have been considered the Best car Rental in Dubai. The perception is backed up by the classic services we have offered over time. What segregates our services from the rest in the cluttered market? Why should you opt us for renting your cars in Dubai?

Our Mission

Our mission is to become the leading car rental service provider in the UAE and across Dubai with one of the largest fleets and premium customer service that gives us an edge against the competition. We have established ourselves as Dubai’s top car hire service providers and aim to maintain that status through consistent customer care.

Our Vision

We envision ourselves as industry leaders among Dubai’s car hire service providers. We look forward to enhancing our business model to adapt to the growing and changing needs of our customers to make sure that we deliver that unprecedented customer service to maintain our leadership status in the industry.