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Mini Cooper S Convertible 2020
AED 325 /Day
AED 6500 /Mon.
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Kia Picanto 2019
AED 39 /Day
AED 1170 /Mon.
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Nissan Sunny 2020
AED 39 /Day
AED 1170 /Mon.
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Renault Symbol
AED 39 /Day
AED 1170 /Mon.
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Changan Eado 2021
AED 39 /Day
AED 1170 /Mon.
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MG 360
AED 49 /Day
AED 1470 /Mon.
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Al Quoz offers a unique blend of residential, commercial and industrial places making it a dynamic district . Al Quoz is located in the heart of Dubai and famous for its Industrial area. The area has bustling streets, modern art galleries as well as a mix to navigate in the city. Moreover, Al Quoz also offers easy access to major highways and landmarks making it the best place to explore the rest of the city .No matter if you’re visiting Al Quoz for business purpose or entertainment with the family, having freedom to explore on your own terms is important. That’s the reason Great Rent a Car offers affordable and reliable car rental services in Al Quoz to fulfill the needs of the individuals.

Car Rental Service in Al Quoz with Great Rent a Car

When it comes to getting around Al Quoz or surrounding, renting a car from Great Rent a Car offers unmatched flexibility and convenience. At Great Rent a Car, we’re committed to provide a wide range of well maintained vehicles to fulfill the preferences of individuals according to their budget. We ensure that you can travel comfortably no matter if you need a compact car for city exploration or you need a large vehicle for family outing. We have all the options available.

Reasons to Choose Car Rental Services in Al Quoz

Some of the significant reasons to choose car rental services from in Al Quoz Dubai are:

  • Car rental service offers you the great convenience to explore Al Quoz and surroundings without the constraints of public transportation.
  • The diverse range of vehicles offers flexibility to choose the right vehicle for any occasion.
  • Our location in Al Quoz makes it easy for the individuals to pick up and drop-off the rented car.
  • Get a chance to enjoy a private and comfortable travel experience in Al Quoz with our well maintained fleet.
  • We’re famous for offering competitive pricing to ensure that everyone will get the best value for money.

Rent a Car At Cheap Prices in Al Quoz

At Great Rent a Car, we believe in providing high quality services at cheap prices in Al Quoz. We understand the significance of budget friendly travel that is the reason we offer cars at affordable prices. No matter if you want an economical car or sedan, we’ve all that fits your budget without compromising one quality.

Best Locations To Visit with Rent a Car Service In Al Quoz

Exploring Al Quoz in Dubai and surrounding is a breeze with Great Rent a Car service. Here’re some of the must visit locations to reach out with the convenience of a rented vehicle.


Safa Park Dubai 

Safa Park Dubai is one of the oldest and most beautiful parts of Dubai that offers a green escape in the hustle and bustle of the city. The park features beautiful landscape gardens, slides, lakes and enchanting lawns, making it an ideal place for picnic and outdoor activities. It’s a family friendly park with designated play areas for children as well as sports facilities. Rent a car in Al Quoz and explore the Safa Park.

Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina waterfront in Dubai features luxurious residential tower, hotels and picturesque promenade. The Marina walk is a 7 km pedestrian pathway that is lined with hundreds of cafes and restaurants with stunning views of the yachts docked in the Marina. Dubai Marina is the superb spot for a romantic evening stroll with your loved ones along the water. 

Alserkal Avenue 

Alserkal Avenue is a beautiful cultural district in Al Quoz that is famous for creative spaces and vibrant art scenes. The building includes a lot of art galleries, design studios as well as performance venues for the visitors. You can explore Alserkal  Avenue with car rental services to admire the cutting exhibition and film screening in various workshops. The area is also home to a lot of trendy cafes and restaurants making it the best place for art lovers.

Mall of the Emirates

Your car rental journey in Al Quoz is incomplete without experiencing the Mall of Emirates. It is a famous shopping and entertainment destination located close to Al Quoz. The mall includes 600 retail outlets to fulfill the desire of every shopper. Furthermore, the mall is also famous for its diverse range of unique boutiques and state-of-the-art entertainment facilities.

Rent a Car with Daily, Weekly and Monthly Services at Al Quoz

No matter if you’re looking to rent a car for a single day, a week or even for a month Great Rent a Car has got you covered all. We offer flexible car rental plans according to your schedules. Our daily car rental plans are best for short trips, whereas weekly rental and monthly rental plans allow you to get great savings for long term rentals. Therefore, no matter how long you need a car, Great Rent a Car has the perfect plan that will meet your needs according to the budget.

Why Choose Great Rent a Car?

Some of the prominent reasons to choose Great Rent a Car services in Al Quoz are:

  • We offer a wide range of vehicles ranging from economy to luxury ones to fulfill the needs of individuals.
  • As we’re located in Al Quoz that is why we are easily accessible for pick up and drop-off service.
  • Our professionals are always ready to assist you.
  • Great Rent a Car has competitive pricing that ensures you’ll get the best deal of the day.
  • Our flexible car rental plans include daily, weekly and monthly options to fit your needs.

So are you ready to explore Al Quoz with the convenience of your own rented car? If yes contact Great Rent a Car today and book your car. Our team of professionals is here to help you to find the perfect vehicle and ensure that your car rental experience in Al Quoz will be enjoyable.


Great Rent a Car needs your valid driving license, visa passport copy, credit card, and international driving permit if you are a tourist.

The minimum age requirement to rent a car in Al Quoz is 21 years old.

Yes, an international driving permit is needed along with your international driving license.

Yes, Great Rent a Car offers basic insurance coverage. However, additional insurance options are also available with extra charges.

In case of an accident, contact our support team immediately. Protocols and insurance coverage options will be explained later.

Yes extension of car rental service in Al Quoz is possible based on availability. Contact us directly to arrange your extension.

At Great Rent a car, the car should be returned with the same level of fuel as it was when rented. Otherwise refueling charges will be applied.

Yes, a refundable security deposit is mandatory at the time of booking your vehicle.