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Mini Cooper S Convertible 2020
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Changan Eado 2021
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MG 360
AED 49 /Day
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Al Ain, also known as Garden City, combines modernity with rich culture. It is located within the Emirates of Abu Dhabi. The region is famous for historical landmarks, natural springs and greenery. The city offers a perfect blend of nature and history making it one of the best destinations to visit in the UAE. Explore from Jebel Hafeet Mountain to Al Ain Oasis.

Exploring the area is more enjoyable and convenient with the help of reliable car rental services. For this purpose, Great Rent a Car offers top-notch services to ensure that you will have a seamless travel experience. No matter if you are visiting for a business trip or with family, the extended fleet of vehicles are enough to fulfill the diverse needs of the customers. Great Rent a Car makes it easier for all to navigate the attractions and hidden gems of the region.

Reasons to Choose Car Rental Services in Al Ain

Some of the prominent reasons to choose car rental services in Al Ain are:

Flexibility: the car rental options in Dubai range from daily to monthly plans. So, the individuals can choose the best one according to their needs.

Convenience: renting a car in Al Ain Dubai is responsible to eliminate the hassle of reliance on public transportation. It offers you the great freedom to explore the region at your own pace.

Accessibility: located in the heart of Al Ain, our services are easily accessible that makes pick up and Drop-off  services easy.

Wide selection: Great Rent a Car offers a diverse fleet of modern vehicles to ensure that all the individuals will find the perfect car according to their budget and preferences.

Cost effective: Dubai car rental services are more economical than using ride sharing services or taxis specially for the longer Journeys.

Rent a car at cheap prices in Al Ain

Great Rent a Car promises to offer reasonable prices to suit all budgets and needs. No matter if you need a compact car for city driving or you want a luxury Sedan or SUV for a comfortable ride, we have affordable options without compromising on quality. Furthermore, our transparent price without hidden charges ensures that you can easily plan your trip expenses.

Rent a car for airport transfer in Al Ain

If you are arriving in Al Ain by air, Great Rent a Car offers flexible airport transfer services. Our professional drivers will meet you at the airport and ensure an enjoyable journey to the destination. Furthermore, you can enjoy airport rent a car and relax the ride without any tension of navigating through the traffic. Our drivers are knowledgeable of all routes to make the trip as convenient as we can.

Best locations to visit in Al Ain with Great Rent a Car services

Here are some of the prominent locations in Al Ain that you can visit with Great Rent a Car services:

Al Ain Zoo 

Al Ain Zoo is a fantastic outing destination for animals and family lovers. It is one of the largest zoos in the UAE and home to a diverse range of wildlife from all round the globe. Al Ain Zoo also has some endangered species. The zoo is spanning a vast area providing a clear description of the natural habitat of animals. Rent a car and explore the section such as big cat house, reptile house and African Savannah. There are also some interactive experiences such as bird shows and giraffes feeding.

Al Jahili Fort

Al Jahili Fort is one of the historical gems in Al Ain that offers a deep dive into the past of the region. The fort was built in the late 19th century and it was originally constructed to defend the city. Now it is standing as a statement to natural and cultural heritage. The visitors love to explore its towers, walls and courtyards. Along with this, the fort also has a museum dedicated to the famous British explorer. If you want something extraordinary in Al Ain, rent a car and head towards this destination for cultural interest.

Al Ain Oasis 

Al Ain Oasis is one of the calming retreats in the heart of the city. It offers a glimpse into the rich agriculture history. The UNESCO World Heritage covers around 1200 hectares with thousands of date Palm sets creating a green heaven. Al Ain Oasis offers a fascinating network of pathways that visitors admire. However, one of the amazing aspects of an oasis is the ancient falaj irrigation system. The system is used for centuries to sustain the date palms. Walking through the paths allows you to feel the coolness provided by that canopy of Palm trees making it one of the best places to visit in Al Ain.

Hili Archaeological Park

Hili Archaeological Park is another unique attraction in Al Ain that takes visitors back to the time of the bronze age. It is home to ancient establishments and articraft that date back over 4000 years. Hili archaeological Park offers a great look at early habitats. One of the major highlights is Grand Tom. It is a circular structure that shows the advanced skills of that time. Walking through the park allows you to explore the reminisce of Asian civilization.

Jebel Hafeet

Jebel Hafeet is another iconic landmark of Al Ain that stands at 1240 m. Rent a car and drive to this amazing road that offers spectacular view points. Enjoy the panoramic views From the summit with the vast surrounding desert. Furthermore, the vintage points offer a perfect sport for picnic and photography. No matter if you are visiting the day to admire that desert or you want to expand the nightlife Jebel Hafeet is one of the best destinations.

Car rental services from Great Rent a Car allow you to visit all these incredible locations in Al Ain. You can make the most of your time in the city as each destination has a unique experience. Rent a car and explore the Garden City of UAE.

Explore our daily, weekly and monthly rental plans in Al Ain

At Great Rent a Car, we provide flexible car rental plans so you can choose the best one that suits your travel requirement and stay. Our customized plans offer great value for money and convenience. If you want a quick gateway and business meeting, our daily rental plans are the ideal once. Our daily services offer flexibility and convenience with a variety of vehicle options. If you are planning to stay in Al Ain for more than seven days, then nothing is better than our weekly car rental options. It ensures that you’ll have a reliable vehicle during your stay and make it easy to navigate the area and surroundings. On the other hand, for extended stays our monthly car rental plans offer the best solution. Get the convenience and substantial savings whether you are in the area for a long term business meeting or for extended vacation with the family. Enjoy the flexibility of a personal vehicle without the trouble of ownership.

Rent a car with driver in Al Ain

For all those who prefer a relaxing travel experience in Al Ain, Great Rent a Car offers exceptional services. You can rent a car with a professional driver. This option offers a stress free way to explore the region without any tension of navigating the unfamiliar roads.

Some of the significant reasons to choose car rental service with Al and are the following ones:

  • We not only have experienced drivers but also well-versed in the local area. They know the routes and shortcuts to provide insights to the attractions.
  • All our drivers can customize the travel experience according to your preferences. No matter if you want to explore the hidden gems or visit popular spots, our driver can easily customize the journey.
  • Renting a car with a driver means you can sit back and relax. It is beneficial after a long flight especially during the business trip when you just want to enjoy the views without any destruction.
  • One of the significant reasons to choose a car rental with driver is it saves your time. Otherwise, you will spend time figuring out the parking and directions.
  • Our drivers ensure reliable and safe service in Al Ain. They have knowledge of local traffic regulations and driving conditions to ensure a smooth journey.

So, don’t wait and enjoy a premium travel experience in Al Ain with our driver service. Great Rent a Car is dedicated to provide excellent services to make the entire journey memorable and enjoyable.

Why Choose Great Rent a Car?

Some of the prominent reasons to choose Great Rent a Car services in Al Ain are:

  • We offer a wide range of vehicles ranging from economy to luxury ones to fulfill the needs of individuals.
  • As we’re located in Al Ain that is why we are easily accessible for pick up and drop-off service.
  • Our professionals are always ready to assist you.
  • Great Rent a Car has competitive pricing that ensures you’ll get the best deal of the day.
  • Our flexible car rental plans include daily, weekly and monthly options to fit your needs.