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Mini Cooper S Convertible 2020
AED 325 /Day
AED 6500 /Mon.
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Kia Picanto 2019
AED 39 /Day
AED 1170 /Mon.
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Nissan Sunny 2020
AED 39 /Day
AED 1170 /Mon.
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Renault Symbol
AED 39 /Day
AED 1170 /Mon.
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Changan Eado 2021
AED 39 /Day
AED 1170 /Mon.
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MG 360
AED 49 /Day
AED 1470 /Mon.
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Ajman is the smallest emirate in the UAE. It’s the hidden gem that offers a perfect blend of modern development and rich history. The Emirate is famous for its cultural landmarks, bustling markets as well as beautiful nature, making it a perfect destination for both tourists as well as residents. Ajman is a quieter alternative to both Abu Dhabi and Dubai. No matter if you’re here for a short visit or or an extended stay, the area can be ideally explored with the help of car rental services.

Rent a Car and Explore Ajman

When it comes to getting around Ajman or surrounding, renting a car from Great Rent a Car offers unmatched flexibility and convenience. At Great Rent a Car, we’re committed to provide a wide range of well maintained vehicles to fulfill the preferences of individuals according to their budget. We ensure that you can travel comfortably no matter if you need a compact car for city exploration or you need a large vehicle for family outing. We have all the options available.

Reasons to Choose Car Rental Services in Ajman

Some of the significant reasons to choose car rental services in Ajman are the following one:

  • Car rental services offer unmatched convenience that allow the individuals to travel according to their schedule.
  • You have the option to explore off-the-beaten-paths that are difficult to access by public transport.
  • Car rental is more economical as compared to other modes of transportation.
  • The individuals can enjoy the privacy and comfort of having their own vehicle specially for the long drive.
  • Plan the spontaneous strips without fixing schedules in the city.

Rent a car at cheap price in Ajman

At Great Rent a Car, we know the importance of affordable transportation in the City. That’s the reason, we offer multiple discounts, promotions as well as competitive prices so everyone will get the best value for money. No matter if you are in search of a budget friendly car or want a luxury vehicle.

Best Locations to Visit in Ajman with Car Rental Services

Here’re some of the prime locations and attractions that you can visit with Great Rent a Car services in Ajman.

Ajman Beach

Rent a car and enjoy a relaxing day at Ajman beach. The beach is a beautiful spot for picnic, sunbathing and swimming with its clear water and pristine sand. It can be easily accessible with car rental services. Spend your whole day and unwind in the beach activities. No matter if you want to take a deep dip in the water or want to build a sand castle with your kids, Ajman beach offers an ideal setting. There are also some nearby restaurants and cafes to enjoy your meal with the beautiful view of the sea.

City Centre Ajman

If you want to experience the perfect blend of entertainment, dining and shopping, there’s no better place than City Centre Ajman. It is a modern Mall that offers a wide range of shopping stores, restaurants and cinema. Get a car rental service and conveniently visit the mall to explore all it has to offer. The mall is a shoppers paradise that also features local boutiques, international brands as well as everything in between. Enjoy a meal at one of the many dining options available in City Centre Ajman. There is also a cinema for the latest movie release that provides entertainment to the family.

Ajman Museum

If you want to explore the rich culture and history of Ajman, make your visit to the Ajman museum. The Museum shows exhibitions and artifacts that offer a glimpse into the past of Emirates. Driving to Ajman museum allows you to comfortably explore the site and its surroundings. Admire the structure that features Emirate’s architecture and you will also find displays on various aspects. The museum also hosts workshops and cultural events, making it an ideal place to learn about the heritage of Ajman.

Al Zorah Nature Reserve 

Al Zorah Nature Reserve is a perfect spot in Ajman for natural lovers. The place is home to different wildlife and mangroves. Rent a car and drive to the reserves that offer the great flexibility to explore the area at your own terms. Stop at different locations and enjoy the views. Al Zorah Nature Reserve offers multiple activities such as nature walks, bird watching and Kayaking. The mangroves also create a unique ecosystem that sports flora and fauna. While exploring the Al Zorah Nature Reserve, you also have the opportunity to see bird species and their natural habitat making it an ideal place for photography and relaxation in Ajman.

Great Rent a Car offers Daily, Weekly and Monthly Car Rental Plans

At Great Rent a Car, we offer flexible car rental plans to accommodate the specific needs of the individuals

  • Our daily rental plans are best for short trips around the city.
  • Weekly rentals are ideal for tourist or business travelers who want to explore the city extensively.
  • Monthly car rental plans are suitable for all the long term visitors or residents who want cost-effective mode of transportation without commitment to ownership.

Each plan comes with affordable prices and excellent customer support to ensure an enjoyable rental experience.

Rent a car with driver in Ajman

If you don’t prefer to drive, Great Rent a Car also offers car rental services with professional drivers. All our drivers are knowledgeable with the local routes and ensure a smooth experience. No matter if you’re here for business purposes or entertainment, just sit back and relax why we’ll take care of the driving. Here’re some of the significant reasons why should you prefer our car rental service with driver

  • All our drivers have extensive knowledge of Ajman roads. They’ll ensure efficient and timely travel to the destination.
  • Benefit from our local insights and recommendations. They’ll also suggest the best place to visit and shop to enhance the overall experience.
  • Great Rent a Car allows you to avoid the stress of driving in a new city. Our professional drivers allow you to just relax and make phone calls to simply enjoy the route without any tension of direction or parking.
  • All our drivers promise to provide comfortable and safe travel as they adhere to all traffic regulations as priority is safety.

No matter if you need transportation for any corporate event or for city exploration our dedicated drivers add an extra layer of luxury and convenience to the overall travel experience in Ajman.

Why choose Great Rent a Car services in Ajman?

Some of the significant reasons to choose Great Rent a Car services in Ajman are:

Extensive fleet

Great Rent a Car offers a diverse selection of vehicles to ensure that every customer can find the perfect car according to their needs. Our compact cars are best to navigate the city and spacious SUVs are perfect for family vacations. The extensive fleet means you can easily find the ideal vehicle at Great Rent a Car.

Flexible plans

Understanding the unique needs of the customers, Great Rent a Car offers flexible rental plans. Our customisable options include daily, weekly or monthly car rental services to ensure that you will not only pay for the time but you will also get an economical choice for a quick business trip or foreign extended vacation in Dubai.

Excellent customer service

At Great Rent a Car, our customer service is the cornerstone of our business philosophy. Therefore, our knowledgeable team of professionals are available 24/7 to assist you with all issues and queries that may arise. Our round the clock availability shows you will never leave the question unanswered no matter what time it is. Get an extra peace of mind throughout your rental experience.

Competitive rates

Affordability without compromising on quality is the hallmark of our company. We understand that renting a vehicle must enhance your travel experience without any burden. That’s the reason we offer the most competitive rates in the car rental market to ensure accident value for money. Our pricing structure is transparent without any hidden fees. Furthermore, the extra discounts and promotions also enhances the affordability to make it possible for more people to enjoy the convenience.

Easy booking process

Booking a car with Great Rent a Car is a breeze. Our efficient booking process through an online platform allows you to experience from selection to confirmation. Alternatively, you can also make bookings via Email, phone number or WhatsApp.