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King Long 35-Seater Bus
AED 1600 /Day
AED 35200 /Mon.
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King long 53 seater Bus
AED 1800 /Day
AED 39600 /Mon.
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King Long is a famous brand in the automotive industry. The company is famous for its production of high quality commercial vehicles and has established itself as one of the leading manufacturers of coaches, buses as well as vans. However, the brand’s commitment to comfort, safety and innovation has made it an ideal choice for tour operators, transportation companies as well as individual clients all around the globe.

Great rent a car is one of the leading car rental agencies in Dubai that allows you to rent vehicles including the high sought after King Long rental series. Our company offers top-notch rental services for daily, weekly and monthly basis ensuring that all the clients enjoy a luxurious and comfortable driving experience. No matter if you are in Dubai for business or you are a tourist, we’re dedicated to meet all your transportation needs as we offer exceptional customer service with well maintained vehicles.

Rent a King Long from Great rent a car

Renting a King Long from Great Rent a car is convenient and straightforward. Our car rental process is significantly designed to get you all the way quickly without any discomfort. You’ll get competitive rates and flexible vehicle rental options according to your budget and preferences. No matter if you want to rent a King Long for a day week or even for an extended period, Great rent a car have you covered all.

Top Models of King Long to Rent From Great Rent a Car

At Great Rent a car, we offer a selection of King Long models. Therefore, each moral is significantly designed to fulfill various requirements. Here are some of the top models available of King Long rentals in Dubai at Great rent a car:

King Long KLQ6902

It’s a mid-size bus that has capacity to accommodate up to 35 passengers. That vehicle is perfect for city tours, school trips and corporate events. You can rent this model from us for a reliable and peaceful ride in Dubai.

King Long Higer Bus KLQ6128

King Long Higer Bus KLQ6128 is spacious and perfect for group travel. The vehicle has capacity to accommodate upto 40 passengers. The bus features ample storage space for luggage and advanced safety system for extra comfort and piece of mind.

King Long XMQ6127Y

It is one of the best options for all looking for ultimate comfort. The model features advanced multimedia and luxury interior with the sitting capacity of up to 50 passengers. The vehicle is ideal for special events and VIP transport.

King Long XMQ6996Y

The vehicle is famous for its advanced technology and luxurious interior. The model is an ideal choice for long distance travel beyond the way. It has a sitting capacity of up to 45 passengers with superior air conditioning and ergonomic sitting.

Conditions To Rent King Long From Us

In order to ensure a smooth rental experience in Dubai, please follow these conditions

  • All the drivers must have a valid UAE driving license or an international driving permit if he is a visitor.
  • A comprehensive insurance coverage is important for all rentals in Dubai.
  • The driver must be at least 25 years old to rent a King Long from Great rent a car.
  • The company needs a refundable security deposit at the time of rental.
  • All the rental must sign an agreement outlining the conditions and terms of the rental.

Why Choose Great Rent a Car?

Here are some of the significant reasons to choose Great rent a car for King Long rentals in Dubai

  • We offer an extensive range of King Long models so you can choose the best according to your budget and preferences.
  • Great rent a car offers affordable rates without compromising on service and quality.
  • You can enjoy an easy online booking system with multiple payment options for extra convenience.
  • A dedicated team of professionals are available 24/7 to assist with all kinds of rental needs.
  • You’ll get regularly-serviced and well-maintained King Long vehicles to ensure safety.

So don’t wait and rent our King Long vehicles to experience the comfort and luxury with Great rent a car. Whether you are in the city for entertainment purposes or for business needs, our team of professionals is here to make your journey enjoyable and smooth like no other.